Our Company

Locally Owned and Operated in Omaha, NE

Our Story

4TEC Integration has been around for over 27 years and is now expanding into building a line of products that are truly integrated for medical and custom solutions for touch and voice controls. 4TEC has a depth of resources and knowledge that is hard to find or build these days and the performance shows in delivery timing and results.

Millions of people around the world use our systems including government, commercial, amusement parks, hospitals, TV shows, education, industrial, transportation, apartments, and many other applications.

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Organizations We Support

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Our Values


At 4TEC Integration we always strive to provide the most professional experience possible. Whether you’re working with us to design a system to fit your needs, we’re working through installation and demonstration, or contacting our one on one expert customer support.


The best way to serve the Omaha, NE region with security solutions is to maintain a level of expertise in our field. With knowledge of all the latest technologies and how they work, you’re always communicating with a knowledgeable professional eager to help.


4TEC Integration values integrity as a priority, which provides those of the Omaha, NE area with an honest experience they can rely on. By always providing transparent experiences, you’re always kept in theknow.


Our 4TEC Integration professionals are resourceful, which aids us in being able to craft custom designs and solutions for any particular need. There is no difficulty that cannot be worked around to ensure you find your solution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the Omaha, NE area through long-term and valuable relationships, as we value your time and your budget. Not only do we provide the region with integration systems assistance and support, but community support by backing organizations such as Boys Town Hotline, American Heart Association, Red Cross, local children’s foundations and sports clubs, and Wabash Bicycle Trail.

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Our Vision

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Our vision at 4TEC Integration consists of providing cost-effective integration and technology solutions for all needs throughout the Omaha, NE region. By bettering businesses, hospitals, and entertainment centers, and supporting various local and national organizations, we leave each community we reach in better shape than when we’ve arrived. With integrity as a priority, we strive to forge valuable open relationships with our clients that last throughout the evolution of their technological needs, always designing the latest and greatest solutions to keep them running optimally.

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